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The Story NRG RadioTV

NRG RadioTV is a multifaceted powerhouse, serving not only as a lively 24/7 live radio andTV station but also as an organization dedicated to Development and Health. Beyond its captivating audio and entertaining content, NRG RadioTV actively engages in initiatives that promote positive growth and well-being. Through collaborations and outreach programs, NRG RadioTV plays an active role in fostering development within communities and supporting health-related causes. This unique blend of entertainment and purpose sets NRG Radio apart, making it a beacon of inspiration for listeners and a catalyst for positive change in the world. Moreover, you can listen to NRG RadioTV from anywhere, adding convenience to the mix of its impactful mission. Tune in and be a part of this vibrant journey toward a better, healthier tomorrow.

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Meet Your Hosts

We are thrilled to introduce you to the voice behind the airwaves, our esteemed radio host, John Campel! With his captivating presence and unwavering passion for music, news, and entertainment, John has been a beloved figure in the world of radio for years.

 His warm and engaging personality, combined with his deep knowledge of various genres, keeps our listeners tuning in day after day.  Stay tuned for his incredible broadcasts, and let the music and stories he shares enrich your day. Welcome to the world of John Campel on the airwaves!


John Campel

We are excited to introduce you to another exceptional member of our radio family, Ben Johnson! As your host, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for all things radio.

His dynamic personality and genuine passion for connecting with our listeners shine through in every broadcast. Whether he’s spinning your favorite tracks, sharing fascinating stories, or engaging in lively conversations, Ben’s commitment to entertaining and informing you is unwavering.    


What People Say

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Julia Michelle
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